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    26 Jan

    Arcora – The Music Of Tool

    de Lijsterbes Kraainem, Belgium
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    18 Jan

    Brides Of Lucifer – EUROSONIC 2019

    Groningen, Netherlands
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    5 Aug

    Brides Of Lucifer – Lokerse Feesten 2018

    Lokeren, Belgium
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    10 Aug

    Brides Of Lucifer – Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival

    Kortrijk, Belgium
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What they're saying


He always respects deadlines

Yannick De Pauw is a very gifted composer, arranger and musician. We have been working with him for the last few years and he always met our artistic and productional expectations. Yannick has many musical talents and moreover …  he always respects deadlines. Working with Yannick De Pauw is something you won’t regret at all!

Stijn Kolacny

He always keeps surprising me

Yannick is not only creative but also a very well organized and punctual composer and music producer. As a creative director and producer for TV and big events and concerts I’ve been working with him for years and he always keeps surprising me with his musical talent and his work. Next to the excellent work his delivers ,he is a great guy to work with.

Dirk Van Catsyne

Yannick always pushes himself to deliver the perfect track!

I have worked with Yannick on several productions such as recently, the Longines Masters in Hong Kong. As a light/set designer the music is very importan to create the best results, all aspects of the show should be in total harmony! A good professional cooperation is key to achieve these results. Yannick always pushes himself to deliver the perfect track! I would definitely recommend him!

Kristof Van Mensel

I really like to work with Yannick.

I really like to work with Yannick. He is really talented and try to push me into new directions to give me a unique sound. One of the latest collaborations resulted in more commercial and modern tracks, like “Soulmate” and “On my mind”. These tracks features a combination of a very recognizable piano style and Yannick’s hybrid scoring. In one word; Innovation!

Daniël Verstappen

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